Slips and falls in summer spaces: Watch out for slick walkways

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Summer isn’t the time of year when most people think about slipping and falling. After all, it’s usually ice and snow that lead to falls, right?

The reality is that you can fall at any time of the year, and slip-and-fall accidents are particularly common in the summer when you consider the likelihood of falls at theme parks, waterparks and pools.

To stay safe, there is one particular hazard that you should watch out for: A slick walkway. Walkways may become slick due to rain, being near pools or ponds or just because of overuse.

How can you identify slick walkways?

In the summer, slick walkways are more likely to include those that are near fountains or waterways. For example, a sidewalk next to a fountain may have had the grittiness of its surface worn down by running water over time.

Shiny walkways, like those made of marble or other stones, may also be slick, so if in doubt, test the space by sliding the tip of your foot or shoe over it. If it’s slick, go around or be cautious as you cross.

Are pools, theme parks and waterparks responsible for maintaining their walkways?

Yes, public spaces like community pools, waterparks or theme parks should be maintained in accordance with the local laws. If the owner of the property knows that a slip-and-fall accident could occur, then they should already be making repairs and placing warnings around those dangerous areas.

Although these places may not be liable for all kinds of falls, such as injuries from slipping on a waterslide or from running and tripping into a pool, there are times when they could be. It’s important to report an injury if it happens, so that you have the opportunity to get the right medical care and to start a paper trail for the purpose of making a claim.

If you fall and are injured, it is a good idea to stay where you are unless you have to move to get help. Wait for help to arrive, and take an ambulance to the hospital from the property if needed. Put yourself first, because your injury should be taken seriously.