Filing accident reports in NY

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As of 2019, New York state had a population of close to 20 million people, making it one of the most populated states in the entire country. That being said, living in New York is no easy feat considering how incredibly crowded it is. It is not new to say that New York is known for its bustling cities and, with that, car accidents are bound to happen. When someone suffers an motor vehicle accident, it is important to know when one should file an accident report with the state.

Personal injury:

Accident reports are typically linked to matters concerning personal injury and these cases are apparent when there was a motor vehicle collision where either personal injury or property damages are of $1,000 or more. In the state of New York, either party has approximately ten days, after the accident had occurred, to file the form or else they will be in violation of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Additional information:

There is a lot more to consider when filing a report like this to the state. For one, if the accident exclusively caused property damages, then both drivers must exchange information to make the claim; if a pet or additional property has been injured or damaged, then the owners must be located and, if they cannot be found, then they must get in touch with the police; if damages extend $1,000, then all drivers must file a MV-104 with the DMV; finally, if someone died when the accident took place, the parties are required to notify the police who, in turn, must file a report to the DMV, along with the drivers.